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Thread: walnut/blued rifle for Kodiak brown bear

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    Default walnut/blued rifle for Kodiak brown bear

    Hi, I've got a real nice CZ Safari Classic in 500 Jeffery I want to take on a Kodiak brown bear hunt in a couple of years. Is there a way to seal the wood so it doesn't warp and change POI in the wet? I plan to free float the barrel. Brownells recommended DEM-BART STOCK SEALER/FILLER for the unfinished wood under the barrel/action, grip cap and recoil pad, BOESHIELD T-9 LUBE for the metal parts, and carnuba gun wax over everything. Or should I just buy the synthetic CZ 550 stock and switch stocks for Alaska?



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    You're on course for the wood.

    For the metal, take all metal off the stock and wipe it down with alcohol. Once dry, wipe it all down with Johnsons paste wax. Put it back together and use your favorite rust preventive each night on exterior surfaces. No probs.

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    Thanks BrownBear,


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    Dem-Bart stock filler is designed for the first couple coats of finish on bare wood. It has silica in it to fill pores and is the wrong thing to use to protect the finish. Paste wax is far better.

    Remove the stock from the rifle and seal all the areas of bare wood hidden by other parts (recoil pad, grip cap, bottom metal, and action) with a reasonable finish. You do not want heavy thick products because they will affect the fit of the parts as you reassemble them...

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    Chuck<> That is one fine looking rifle. I am going to Canada Black Bear hunting in Sept, the info from from Cap and Brownbear is what I also needed, (thanks guys) I have a CZ 550 in 375 H&H with a laminate stock and need to seal it. I hope to go Brown hunting next year.


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    Thanks Halfcell, good luck on your brown bear hunt! Mine is still a few years out.


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