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Thread: 45-70 Bullet Opinions...?

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    Default 45-70 Bullet Opinions...?

    I just picked up a 458 SOCOM that I'll be carrying with me when camping/hiking/hunting/etc in the western part of the state. The browns over there aren't quite Kodiaks, but they're still pretty good size. There are also wolves and other critters to be concerned about which is why I went with the higher capacity semi-auto.

    These are what I have to play with so far... need some opinions on them. I'm sure a lot of people here are using a 45-70 for dangerous game, and the SOCOM will give me similar ballistics.

    300gr TTSX (probably for hunting more than defense)
    400gr Original Flat Nose
    450gr TSX

    Am I on the right track with these, or should I be looking more towards the 330gr banded solid or something similar?
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    All of those you listed are good bullets. But at the velocities you will be dealing with a 350gr Speer or Hornady would probably work just fine. Also since it was designed for the 458 Win and Lott I'm not even 100% sure you could get reliable expansion out of the 450gr tsx at 45-70 velocity and it will eat up a bunch of powder space.

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    I've always liked the 350gr.rn Hornady.Two Brownies one shot each so its hard to argue with success.They were loaded to 1880fps.

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    Thanks for the FB guys... not sure on the 450's either, just wanted to pick some up and try them out. From the load data I've looked at I would say I'm going to be in the 1500-1600fps range on them with hot loads. That's going to be quite a bit slower than the 458's, but still should be plenty of velocity to make whatever I hit a very sorry critter... Expansion may be another thing entirely. I think I'll call Barnes tomorrow and see what the minimum velocities they recommend are... don't know how the I only picked up 20 of them, so I'm not out much if they don't work.
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    Barnes new TAC-TSX line was designed for use in the .458 SOCOM.
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    I have had success with the Hornady Leverolution 325gr bullets loaded to the velocities you mentioned. They seem to open up pretty well at lower velocities as well, which may be a factor to consider if you are using them for lower distance shooting. The bullet profile would probably be rather reliable in the AR-15 type semi-auto action of the SOCOM as opposed to the flatter profiles of most .458 bullets designed for the .45-70.

    Regardless, I would stick to the .45-70 bullets as the ones designed for the .458 Win are typically designed to expand at velocities well above what you are going to get with the SOCOM. I ran into this problem years ago when I experimented with .458 Win bullets in .45-70 reloads. I could never get the velocities needed for reliable expansion and they ended up just acting like FMJ bullets.

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    In the 45-70 I've been happiest with the Speer 400 pushed to 1700-1750. I've only shot a half dozen or so deer with it and never recovered one. Exit holes showed good expansion and no breakup, so I'm tempted to think it would do well on elk and moose too.

    As a side note, I've pushed a lot of different .458 bullets quite a bit faster through my 450 Alaskan. I'm fond of 2200 fps with a 400 grain in that gun, but none of the big 3 or 4 hold up well enough for that in my book. My pick of the litter in 400 grainers is the Hawk 400 grain FP with a .050 jacket. Talk about penetration with expansion! If I was pushing them a little slower, I'd go for the .035 jacket. Check them out. They're essentially the orginal Barnes bullet, and they've got a heck of a selection.

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    i've had some 350gr hot core going 2300+ fps out of my 4570, its like the energizer keeps going an going ...when i can fine one i will post .

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    I have looked at the 458 SOCOM bullets from Barnes... picked up a box of 300gr TTSX's the other day. Are the expanding bullets ok for use as bear defense loads? I've always used a semi-jacketed FN or a hardcast.
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