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Thread: Lost Lake 1-30-10

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    Default Lost Lake 1-30-10

    With reports of rain up high and expected overcast today my expectations were low. But really, this trip turned out pretty good.

    The trail as usual was a bumpy mutha (damit my knees are sore tonight), not much ice though so I can only slightly complain. Up top everything was tracked up with a couple inches of fresh snow. We found a small alpine lake that had 2' of snow which was the highlight of the day. Afterwards we looped back around to Lost Lake and playing in the hills which was a good time also. Overall worth the trip and the second best powder I've seen this season.

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    Definitely looked like a good day of riding!! What kind of mileage do you get with the nytro?

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    I average around 10 mpg and I can squeeze 75 miles out of a tank. I will probably opt for the larger 10+ gal tank when I get the oil changed.

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    Thumbs up Lost Lake

    Good ride'n with ya Grem. Hope we get more snow soon. So, we can do it again.....
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    That snow looks sugary and pretty tracked up, but it still beats any day sitting at home or work!


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