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Thread: Sportsmans to Jims open?

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    Default Sportsmans to Jims open?

    Does anyone know if the river from Sportsmans to Jims is free of Ice? Thinking about drifting it Monday.
    Thanks for any info...

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    Just looked at the webcam and it looks fine. It has not been cold at all. Should be a nice float. Maybe a few shallow spots but any day on the river is a great day
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    Walked into a couple of spots yesterday and there were places with no ice along the banks but others (like right at the Ferry Crossing) that we were not able to fish very effectively because of it. Having said that I think that you could now drift the Upper again with the recent warm spell but be prepared to drag the boat in spots as the water is really low. Yes, we caught a "few" bows and it was about like you would expect the fishing to be for this time of year.

    Middle has spots that are iced over from bank to bank so that part is a no go for now.

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    thanks for the replies, Ill tell my boy to eat his wheaties and prepare to pull.


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