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    Default Cross Fox Night

    Went out and called under the bright moon and got this nice Cross Fox on the first stand. I had called this area before and was always skunked in the past. I setup a bit different and made extra sure to hide in the dark shadows and have the rifle ready, and aimed where the speaker was pointed. After 7 minutes of FoxPro Snowshoe distress, I heard something to my left in the willows. Then, I saw a flash of dark ear go flying by me about 35 yards out in front of me at a 45 degree to my left down in the grass. I was sitting up on a higher plateau and this Fox was running along the drop/cut-bank. I saw his back again about 20 yards after I saw the ear and knew he was going to get my scent if he went much farther. He was cruising pretty quick and when he popped out to where I could get a shot, I gave it to him. I hit low behind his front legs and he dropped instantly (visible in picture below). Then, to my surprise, he did a hot-rod move and plowed away from me with his rear legs. I gave him another quick shot from the 22mag 30gr V-max to the O-ring and dropped him. I hit him low on the front right leg and it clipped his lower ribcage, splitting his hide. After skinning him out though, the hole won't even be noticeable after I have him turned into a nice little rug. That's my first Cross Fox and the first I've called in over 4 years I think. Anyways, thought this might be a motivator for all those people doing the night hunts. Be ready, the action can be quicker than you think when it all happens.

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    What a pretty little dog! Congrats!!

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    Very nice!!!!!
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    Well done again. Seems like you are getting steady action these days. Offer that last pic up to Foxpro as a promotional....maybe get the next generation caller or sounds for it? Great pic, nice little dog. What was the temp there last night?

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    Thanks, that might make a good promo photo for FoxPro. The temperature was around 5F to 0F with a slight breeze every once in awhile. Great night to be out calling. Hitting it again tonight, we'll see how it goes.

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    nice pics man.

    by the way, how do you do it?
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    Coming from a novice predator hunter; What do the tape strips do for your horn? Are they for effects, nullifying the generated sounds, help to diguise the caller?



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    Default Tape Strips

    I just put those in the speaker to break up the solid color a bit and add some camo to it. Seems to work just fine. I also wrap the outside in 3M foam tape. That helps camo it and also helps keep it quiet if a branch hits it walking in to a stand.

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    Nice fox Peter.

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    Thumbs up

    Way cool!!! That is a definate motivater! Do you often do well on a full moon?

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    What a beauty! Thanks for sharing the pics and the good report on how you got it. That may just motivate me to go out tonight and get one for my wall.

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    Default Full Moons

    I call quite a few animals under the moon. Not that I kill that many, but I have called in quite a few. I'm learning from my past mistakes though and getting the variables worked out in my favor now though. No luck last night under the moon. Tried a couple new spots, but no luck. Oh well, there are still a few good nights left with the waning moon, just have to hunt later/earlier in the morning.

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    -thankyou for posting....

    -I showed my kids the pictures, too...they have never seen one...
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