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Thread: Scorpion bed liners for marine use: Phantom Sport Jon

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    Default Scorpion bed liners for marine use: Phantom Sport Jon

    Anyone use this product? I spoke to the folks at Phantom/Aztec and they recommended using this for an interior coating instead of Zolatone. From what I was told, Scorpion sells ready made kits and you don't need a spray booth to do the project. In fact, you can spray outside and use any auto tint for color you like. The kits are not that expensive and come complete with everything you need.. curious about any reviews out there.

    As always, thanks!
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    I use to be the scorpion dealer in Anchorage and did it for a year or two. If it is an area that would be constantly exposed to some form of standing water I would not do it. I shot the inside of a few differant John boats and was not impressed by the results. Water eventually got underneath the lining and bubbled it up.

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    Not familiar with any specific brand, but have seen a couple nightmare cases of these bed liners used on aluminum boats. They crack, get water under them, corrode the heck out of the aluminum under them, peel, and chip off.

    Zolatone is designed for boat interiors and it works.
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    If I were to invest in a bed liner for this purpose I would go w/ lineX. It is harder and more resiliant than any other bed liner material that I have found. It is also expensive and must be professionally applied.It is what will be going in my F250 when I get back and I would consider it for my boat if I was going to coat it with anything. The texure would be a welcome addition to the side rails and bow to keep me from taking a dunking trying to board!


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