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Thread: Polaris 550 Trail RMK failure ???????

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    Angry Polaris 550 Trail RMK failure ???????

    Trying to figure out what led to machine break-down. Went for abut an 80 mile (round-trip) ride on the Denali Hwy on the 18th. My machine is a 2005 Polaris Trail RMK with about 2000 miles. This was the first ride of the year. Was not starting very well (usually have no problem), but ran fine. Returned to our starting point, poured in a bit more gas and took off again. Slowed down to wait for a bud, it stalled and would not start. Hatcher Pass Polaris says both pistons are broken.

    Machine had plenty of Polaris oil. Machine is not abused (but do ride often at its upper speed to keep up with buddies). HP Polaris asked if I was towing heavy loads, and I told them I was not.

    Heard of other motor failures at about 2000 miles (not just Polaris). Do any of you experienced snowmachiners have any thoughts on why this happened? Thanks!

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    Default Easier to read, than list. Good luck with it, Let us know how turns out.

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    Default Check your plugs

    Its possible that you could have been running on the lean side and scored your pistons or walls you can check this by looking at your plugs and look to see what color the ceramic is by the gap is it should be brown on a good running motor black if it is running ritch and if it is white it is leaned out too much.. Do you have any compression when you pull it over?

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    Default 05 Trail RMK

    We have the 4th engine in my dad's 05. First time burnt it up. Had warranty, so they rebuilt it. Drove it two trips, burnt that engine up. Took it back and this time that put nickasil cylinders in it. Took it out the first trip and burnt it up. 4th time they rebuilt and basically it ended up being a brand new 07 engine. They did some mod's to it and it has ran like a charm since. I think the guy told me that they thought that the engine was somehow creating a vacuum with the oiler and it stopped the air flow.

    All of ours occurred around 700 miles. Now have 1400 and running great. Bought an 06 and whatever the issues they had with the 05, the had remedied on the 06 as the two engines were set up the same. This is NOT an isolated issue and SHOULD be warrantied. Polaris KNOWS there is/was an issue with this year/engine. Good luck.

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    Default 550 fan

    go to and look at (550 fan jetting and burn down issues). everything you don't want to know, but a lot of good info.

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    Fix it and get rid of it! Polaris 550 fans are probably the worst engines in the industry.


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