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    Default Fur Auction

    Anybody know if they auction off sheep horns at the fur action in February?
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    Default Sheep Horns..

    I don't remember any last year or so but dont quote me on that one.

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    You'll want to hit the Hide and Horn auction, which are the state(?) sales.

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    I have seen sheep horns at the last 2 auctions held during the Fur Rondy each February in Fairbanks. Bring your wallet, because the cheapest set I saw sold, went for just over $400.00. They also sold, several Grizzly hides as well. They hold the auction during the sled
    dog race, they will spit what they have so they can sell on 2 different days. Furs mostly the first day and antlers and what ever did not sell the second day. Great fun will be there this year as well.

    Bought this Wolf and Wolverine hide, had them tanned and I rugged them myself.

    I bought this set 2 years ago, just horns NO SKULL.


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    Default FYI

    FYI, Knight's Taxidery is advertising that they can be contracted to purchase on your behalf at the auction. Paperwork and consultation completed ahead of time and 20% fee for the service. My guess is something like a limited power of attorney to act as your agent.

    Might be of help to the non-resident thats looking to legally buy a hide. Info is on Knight's website.

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    stid, That is one dandy wolf. I've got 2 about the same markings and been looking for 3 more for a coat. Hard to find the markings that will match up..

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    Default website

    Wasn't there a website that you could visit and "preview" what was up for auction? Shoot, i think you could even bid that way. I know nothing goes for "cheap" during these auctions though.
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    Grubstake used to handle the auctions and would list them on their website....
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