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Thread: So What About Hunting & Fishing Around Juneau?

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    Default So What About Hunting & Fishing Around Juneau?

    A friend of mine is going to be moving there shortly before I head to AK. She has been telling me about it but she hasn't actually been there. From what I can tell it look like a little town that is kind of land and water locked. Is there good hunting and fishing there?

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    Hunting and fishing are great, provided you can get to them. The road system is short, and the population relatively large in proportion to the car-accessible areas. In my book too, both small game and waterfowl are kinda sucky. Yeah, you can do it a little on the road system, but it's almost stand-in-line access for not much resource.

    Juneau is pure and simple boat country to me. With a suitable boat and the knowledge to run it, the sky's the limit. Stuck to the road system, you'll be twitching for elbow room and more resources.

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    Juneau is boat country. Even though it is on the mainland it might as well be an island.

    It is pretty country summer or winter. There is some serious apline hiking just above town. Tourist get lost up there every summer.

    There are deer on Douglas Island across the inlet. Ducks on the flats around the airport and in "mid town". Some grouse up high in the forest and apline areas.

    I do not recommend a small skiff down there for people that are not born to the sea types. A quality cabin boat in the 18 to 20 foot range is the smallest boat I would want. Personnaly I would go with a 26 to 28 foot boat depending on the design. With this size of boat you can get out and away from town for extended trips.

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    I agree Ray. The chop around there gets so sharp, anything less than 20 is limited any time the wind bucks the tide. And you don't really start to beat the chop till you get over 25. And hull design is important.

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    tell her to get some rain gear too!!! when it sunny it beautiful, when it's raining it can get ugly...pretty much need a boat or plane to get to the better spots there & as the last couple post stated...don't let the security of the inside waters fool ya.....i see people up here in cook inlet & pws out in smaller boats than i would think about down there....but there's some great hunting & fishing to be done down there too!!


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