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Thread: tucker sno cat the ultimate 4 wheel drive

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    Default tucker sno cat the ultimate 4 wheel drive

    i am looking for any old tuckers(sno cats) laying around in alaska tracks in bad shape ???perfect dont need em any way,,figured out a way to put them on wheels and tires making one now.are yea curious yet??? they are way cool rigs for off road

    majic (ron r.)

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    Default still looking 4 more

    tucker sno cats with the proper conversion can be used year around and are very comfortable

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    Looks pretty cool, any more info

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    Default tuckers

    they are jus real nice rigs 318 v8 with a four to one drop box and lots of axel clerance,and travel well with 4 wheel steering,you are warm and dry you can e mail me at

    thx majic
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    more pictures please!

    is the conversion a one of a kind thing? how much of it is snocat?

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    Default one of a kind 4 sure

    the only thing that is tucker is the frame and steering, you can run any motor you want auto or manual trans

    i can e amil more pictures of it as well as other things for off road (rigs) like a pickup with 24 foward gears

    thanks majic


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