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Thread: Looking for Partner: SE Spring Black Bear

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    Default Looking for Partner: SE Spring Black Bear

    I am looking for a partner to do a spring black bear hunt with me on POW, Mitkof, Kupreanof or Kuiu in SE.

    I am a lifelong and avid hunter but I have not paid for a guided hunt. I am not looking to be a "client" in any way and I am not looking for a guide but I am willing to pay for transport services on a drop hunt. I own some excellent gear, tents, etc and take care of it well.

    I have worked in Alaska for two seasons as an assistant guide for caribou, moose and dall sheep. I have also hunted myself here for caribou, moose and black bear. I have hunted POW once before and almost connected but didn't. I posted about that experience a while back.

    I am 39 years old and in good shape, although off season, I usually let it slide a little. I don't drink/smoke/do drugs in hunting camp. The latter two I just don't do. A couple of times a year, I'll smoke a cigar. I am not religious, but don't mind if you are. I am married, and have two small children.

    A few of my trips have been solo and great, but I wouldn't mind working with a good partner to share the experience. We don't have to "hunt" together on a daily basis per se, but someone to talk to around the campfire would be great.

    I live in the lower 48 on the east coast where I work. I would be pleased to speak and learn of your interests and putting a trip together.



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    If you find a partner who doesn't have a boat you guys should check into flying into Petersburg and renting a boat from Doyle's Boat Rentals. I know the family and they are good people.

    The best way to get a bear in SE in the spring is to cruise beaches in the afternoon/evening and glass, plus there are some forest service cabins you can rent pretty cheap which are comfortable. Hope it works out for you.

    Ben - Forest Service Cabins

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    Default Better Hurry.

    Better do it quick. Spring Black Bear is really popular around the central SE. The forest service cabins book up fast. Kuiu would be a tough hunt unless you find a partner with a boat in Kake. Unfortunately I've got a few things going on this spring or I'd be interested in doing a hunt.

    Ben is right, you'll want a boat so you can cover as much area as possible. And having a boat will be a lot cheaper than flying into a cabin. I'd say for Spring bears it's almost a requirement.

    BTW Congrats again Ben. Did you bust out the cigars yet?


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