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    Default Rifle scope

    does anyone make a fixed 7 power rifle scope?

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    Don't know of any 7X, but both Nikon and Leupold make fixed 6X. I'm pretty sure that the Nikon has a little more generous FOV, but the Leupolds always seemed to have slightly better low light performance- at least my own personal comparisons.

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    Default 7 power scopes

    I've never heard of a 7 power scope. As to the guy who said Leupold scopes seem to be a better low light scope than a Nikon, if all things being equal, size of the objective lenses, power of the scope etc., then there is no way the Leupold is superior in low light. They probably both use chinese optics made in the same factory. I've got nothing against Leupolds either as they are excellent tough scopes. I own more Leupolds than any other brand.

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    ...but all things are not = and hence there is a difference between various scopes. When all physical dimensions are the same sometimes the difference is a result of different internal components such as type and purity of glass and/or type of coating on the lenses or how many of the lens surfaces are coated and the type of coating. IN GENERAL, one gets what one pays for. All lenses coming out of a factory are necessarily the same since the lenses are prepared to the particular specifications of the requesting final manufacturer. It is these subtle differences that often dictate a higher (or lower) final price for the finished product.

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    At one time, Leupold made a fixed 8 power. They are rather hard to find now since they were pretty popular.
    Now Leupold makes a fixed 2.5, 4, 6,10, 12, and 16 fixed-power scopes.

    Kahles makes a fixed 4, 6, 8 and 10 power

    Super Sniper makes a 10, 16 and 20 At least I have seen them listed. I wonder who makes those?

    Weaver makes a 4, 6, and 16 fixed power

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    Default 7x scopes

    Leupold makes an 8x, Redfield makes a 6 and used to make a 2x7 wideview (not fixed, I know) Nikon also makes a 6 and 8 I believe.


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