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Thread: Bowtech/Diamond Iceman question

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    Default Bowtech/Diamond Iceman question

    Anybody here shoot a Diamond Iceman? I just shot one while working here in GA and I am extremely impressed. I shoot a Mathews Q2 and I'm really considering buying one. From what I can gather it is a Bowtech Admiral (single cam model though). 2 of my friends are buying the Admiral and from what I can gather it is right up there w/ quality and performance.
    Any heads up or first hand knowledge would be great. This would be a strictly hunting bow.

    Thanks Billy

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    The Iceman is very similar to the Bowtech model. They make the Diamond bows as a more general brand and they can be mail ordered etc... The newest Iceman has their FLX guard cable guides and is worth getting, but if you can get a deal on a last year's Iceman, go for it. Great bows.

    I shoot a Gander Mountain branded Diamond and think it is great.

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    Not to hijack your thread, and this may not be what you asked. I shot the Iceman side-by-side with a Black Ice, and loved them both. Frankly, there wasn't a distinct difference to me, so I went with the Black Ice because I couldn't justify the higher price. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Iceman, but I would encourage you to shoot both together.


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