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Thread: Savage 1907 .32 auto

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    Default Savage 1907 .32 auto

    I maybe should have placed this in the gunsmithing section, but I have never looked on those pages.
    I picked up a 98 year old pistol, its missing the sear.
    I have checked Numrich gun parts and the item is sold out. I have not had any luck finding other suppliers of obsolete gun parts.
    If somebody can build it, I can fix it, sometimes it just takes longer than I like.
    Before spending countless hours making a piece that I have never seen, I thought I would try this and see if anybody has a hint.
    Again this is the old 1907 savage auto.
    thank you in advance for your posts.

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    Does Numrich have a picture or exploded view you could work from?
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    It's been 40 years since I owned one, 30 years since I took one apart, and 20 years since I shot one. I have to say I never took apart the trigger linkage, but I'm betting it might be a pretty precise part to build.

    Do I recall that there's a Savage forum here on the net? That might be a good place to go looking for parts and advice, too.

    I can't find the right Exploded Firearms Drawing book, but the 3rd edition (1982) has the Model 1917. That one shows a Seer Spring Plunger, Seer Spring, Seer Trip Catch, Seer Trip Spring, Seer Trip Lifter, and a Seer Trip, but no true Seer. Pretty complicated.

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    Default exploded veiw on numrich

    I have seen the view and it does'nt do me all that much good. I have certainly come to the conclusion that the sear pivots, it must have a pin on it that pivots on a hole in the breach plug. The spring to engage the sear is also in place. I just can't see what retains it, I can't believe that when removing the breach plug the thing does'nt have some sort of retainer.
    The trigger and bar that runs along the slide are all in place and work fine. When the pistol is in battery the bar is within reach of where the sear would be. I don't think its the worst part to reconstruct, although the temper of the steel will for sure give me most of my challenge.
    I thought maybe somebody had one, could take a pic and send it along, it would for sure help me out. Maybe I'll search the next gun show for one and see if its owner might let me take a peek.
    Numrich has both the 1907 and 1917 part break down. I'm not for sure but that 1917 has a grip safety and a whole bunch of linkage.
    On a side note, by the way I see this design, if something happened to the sear during use, the thing would go into full auto. That would certainly make things interesting for a spell.
    I may have to look up that Savage sight, chances are somebody may even have one to sell. Just got to find the right person. Thank you both for your help.


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