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Thread: Dead Bunnys

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    I've some how found a way to get 14 Marten Mail Boxes out on the way to the Cabin, short 1 mile walk in with shoes on, no Marten yet and only one week left to check. Anyhow I can across two places where something had killed and ate a rabbit, a little fur and blood left. Did not see any distinguishing tracks but both areas have been snowed on since the bunny kills. Was it birds, Lynx, or who knows? Hopefully the Marten traps will produce something this week as I'm pulling them next Sunday. Perhaps I should set a couple of Lynx sets in the areas. There are lots of rabbit tracks and I've seen several in this area so I imagine something is looking to make a meal of them.

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    If there are no obvious predator tracks into the kill site it was probably a goshawk or owl. They take down a hare and generally eat what they can on site and the scavernger birds come in and clean up the rest.


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