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Thread: Where is the road closed to Hatcher's pass?

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    Default Where is the road closed to Hatcher's pass?

    This week I will be celebrating my 29th B-Day. My wife and I would like to celebrate by knocking down a ptarmi or two. In the fall I had some success finding them on the Wassilla side of Hatcher's pass. How far can it be driven now? We found birds near the Archangel area. Does anyone have any better reccomendations? We have a 4X4, snowshoes and drive but no other means of transportation.

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    From the Willow side, there is a gate a few miles back in there. A lodge is on the left, then a bit further there was a couple parking lots. You can pay to park at the lodge I believe there was trails going from his property back in.

    Only place I shot birds was on the Palmer side up near Summit Mt. Can't remember if it was down past the lake or before. There is a gate across the road from the A-frame lodge up there. I have seen people hunting all over those hill sides.

    Not sure what you mean by Wasilla side of Hatchers. Unless the Baldie area.

    If nothing else hopefully you will have a good time out snowshoeing with the wife. Maybe you will find your a good hunting spot. I have found a couple that way, just stumble into them. That is why not too many people will tell you exactly where to go. Good luck though.


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