Hi all, I am having a blanket made with a bunch of my SE Otters. I am in need of a few reds and a few beaver for the blanket, and I dont have any here on Admiralty to catch. My beaver numbers are so low due to the bears that I left them alone.
You can PM me and let me know what you want for your foxes and your beavers. Small and medium beaver are fine, as its a trim item in the blanket.
I also have one of my buyers that makes fur articles here in AK that is looking for as many blanket beaver he can get. If you have some blankets beaver, let me know and I will forward his info via PM. He wanted me to get as many as I could trapping but like I said, I just dont have the numbers here.
He is a good guy and pays good prices in my opinion. I am supplying his otter demand and he has offered me well on them. Thanks in advance for your help.
I would like 5 fox and same on beaver, maybe more depending on price and size. Again, sell you large beaver at the auction as I only need it for trim.
Must have photos on the put up fur and also be sold on a return if not happy basis. This isnt like an auction where I can just say know, so I want some guarrantee from the seller about his/her fur. I dont make enough money to be wasting it, maybe some day but not now for sure.lol