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    I still want to have a gathering of Alaska Rodbuilders.

    I have time reserved at the Peters Creek American Legion Post 33 on 27 February 2010. I intend on starting at 10:00 am there will Coffee and doughnuts. Once I get a feel for how many are attending I will make plans for lunch.
    All expeirence levels are encouraged to attend. First timers come out to get a feel for what rodbuilding is all about.
    I am looking forward to meeting more rodbuilders from the area. This is how all of us can build our skills as rodbuilders. I have learned more from experienced builders, than from any book or DVD.

    Bring your rods down to show off your work. I will have a stand set up to display the rods, and we can lay them out on a table for people to see as well.

    Topics that will be covered are

    Basic Rodbuilding (if anyone present is new to rod building)

    Decorative Wraps basics and tips and tricks.

    Different Guide Configurations, with a casting demonstration.
    I will have 3 rods built up with 3 different guide configurations. We will take them out in the parking lot and see which one casts best.

    If there is something you would like to see demonstrated or something you would like to demonstrate let me know and we will work something out.

    What: Rodbuilding Gathering
    When February 27th 2010
    Time 10:00 AM--4:00 PM
    Where Peters Creek American Legion Post 33

    If your able to attend please let me know so I can make lunch plans.

    Also if you need directions let me know. It is very easy to find, but for some reason Google maps is wrong.

    Feel free to Email me at

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    I would really like to come up an just watch and learn but I think I am going to be stuck in Seward that week. Best of luck hope everything goes well.

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    is there any bamboo rod builds in the group?

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    Hi Tradbow,
    I would like to say there is but we are just getting started. I had one of these in the fall and one person showed just as I was putting the last of the stuff in my car. I will keep working on building the group up. I was in New Jersey last spring and attended a Northeast Rodbuilders Group (NERBS) gathering. I learned a lot, met some great people, and had a great day.
    I would love to learn how to build bamboo rods one day. There is a couple in Tok that build some incredible bamboo rods. They Scrimshaw and metal carving for their rods too. I have never met them but read an article in Rodmaker Magazine covering their work.
    Are you a Bamboo builder? If so would you be interested in coming to a gathering and doing a demo? If so shoot me an Eamil and let me know.


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    I havent built a rod since I was a kid, parents sent me through a class and I had the chance to build two rods.

    I've wanted to build a bamboo rod for awhile now......the bug is sinking it's teeth. Been digging up tons of info. It'll be awhile before I get the chance to build, as the tools of the trade are not cheap or have to be built.

    I'll have to try and find that couple in tok! On the boo thread I posted which should only be a couple down there is mention of a boo rod builder in anchorage area.

    I'll have to try and come on down to check it out if my work schedule days off are all over the place to say the least....

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    If I remember correctly that company in Tok had bamboo rod building classes.

    I think that I have also seem some of the rod components they make advertised for sale to the public, probably on Ebay. I think they make some really nice hardware for reelseats.

    I found this old information from 2004 online:

    Alaska Custom Cane Fly Rod
    Deb Van Zandt
    Tok 350-5883
    Wholesale Yes
    Permit #5631 for Bamboo Blanks,
    Bamboo Fly Rods Of Various Sizes,
    Bamboo Spinning Rods, Rod Sacks
    Of Different Colors & Materials,
    Bamboo Strips
    Permit #5632 for Postcards,
    Notecards, Photos, (Scenic,Wildlife,
    Permit #5633 for Hand Tied Flies Of
    Various Sizes, Shapes, Colors

    I think they used to have a website. But I don't see one now so I wonder if they are still in business.

    Here's a rod maker that makes bamboo rods in Homer that I did not know about:

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    I am sure they are still in buisness. They made incredible rods and it sounded like they had plenty of buisnes. I should still have a Rodmaker magazine that had them in it. I will have to see if I can find it.

    All that asided all skill levels are welcome at these gatherings. It is all about growing the rodbuilding community

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    I made a dumb mistake...I happened acrossed their info, and I thought a website and didnt save it. Have been going through so much info on the subject my brain is on overload lol! Oops if I come acrossed it again I'll post it!

    In the mean time I've been in touch with Chris Carlin, a boo builder in anchor town somewhere (havent looked at his address yet).

    Un fortunatly I'll still be working nites and I dont think I'll be able to attend this one at this point. That may change, may not, wont know for a week or two. So the best I could give you is a maybe at this point. Kinda stinks having such a "flexible" schedule lol.


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