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    I still want to have a gathering of Alaska Rodbuilders.

    I have time reserved at the Peters Creek American Legion Post 33 on 27 February 2010. I intend on starting at 10:00 am there will Coffee and doughnuts. Once I get a feel for how many are attending I will make plans for lunch.
    All expeirence levels are encouraged to attend. First timers come out to get a feel for what rodbuilding is all about.
    I am looking forward to meeting more rodbuilders from the area. This is how all of us can build our skills as rodbuilders. I have learned more from experienced builders, than from any book or DVD.

    Bring your rods down to show off your work. I will have a stand set up to display the rods, and we can lay them out on a table for people to see as well.

    Topics that will be covered are

    Basic Rodbuilding (if anyone present is new to rod building)

    Decorative Wraps basics and tips and tricks.

    Different Guide Configurations, with a casting demonstration.
    I will have 3 rods built up with 3 different guide configurations. We will take them out in the parking lot and see which one casts best.

    If there is something you would like to see demonstrated or something you would like to demonstrate let me know and we will work something out.

    What: Rodbuilding Gathering
    When February 27th 2010
    Time 10:00 AM--4:00 PM
    Where Peters Creek American Legion Post 33

    If your able to attend please let me know so I can make lunch plans.

    Also if you need directions let me know. It is very easy to find, but for some reason Google maps is wrong.

    Feel free to Email me at

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    I'd go if I wasn't 700 mi away!

    Tie up a couple halibut rods. One regular and one spiral-wraped and connect each to something solid and let everyone tug at them to demostrate the spiral wrap's ability to enliminate wrist torque. Cool demo if you can pull it off. THe regular rod will try to flip over under load, whereas the spiral won't.

    Feather inlays are fun too.
    Nice Marmot.

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    Up to this point I have said I would travel if there was interest in other parts of the state. Juneau is a bit far
    I plan on experimenting more in my rodbuilding. Worse case scenario I will have more rods, that is never a bad thing. I have talked with someone else on the spiral Halibut rod. He siad it was the way to go. Folks on the East coast have been using them for years and love them. Micro guides are all the rage now. I got some the other day. Stringing them up looks like it will be a challenge, I can hardly wait to try to wrap one.
    If your ever in the Anchorage area look me up, I always like to talk rodbuilding, or to try to catch some fish with them


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    I'm always surprised more people don't make their own rods. It's only as hard as you want to make it.

    I'm at the point that I have more rods than I really use anymore! I need some excuses to build more

    I haven't really looked into the micros too seriously yet, but I do have a really sweet half-built Lami XMG baitcaster I need to finish this winter, so I might give them a try.

    I also want to try and make a cottonwood bark grip. I think it was Drifter that posted a pic of one he made that was totally sick. I've got to rebuild my spey rods's grip section (oops!), and I think the bark would go good with it and be a fun project since there's about nothing to do here until may.
    Nice Marmot.

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    Cottonwood makes for a pretty nice grip, I need to take some pics of the ones I made. I used a holesaw to cut out blanks, then drilled them out as needed. I used a woodworking wax after sanding them, makes them a bit darker and seals the surface.

    I still need to finish a 5wt fly rod with my youngest son, and I'm planning to build a saltwater jigging rod but haven't figured out what blank I'm going to use.

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    I have never used COttonwood bark for a grip. I have a ton of birch bark. I will have to look for some cottonwood this spring.

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    Default Anyone interested

    Just bumping this to the top. Any rodbuilders, or people interested in rod building I am starting a rod building group. We will try to meet once a month October-May. Come out and display your latest creations, or learn some new technics. All skill levels are welcome from first timers to veteran builders. All styles of rods from surf rods to delicate 1 wt fly rods.

    Email me at for more info


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    Default Bump

    Any rodbuilders interested in attending a rodbuilding function, or any fisherpersons interested in learning to build their own rods hit me up with any questions.
    This is a great hobby, and these functions are intended to have something for New Builders, or experienced. SHoot me an email at 907rodbuilder. You too can learn to build rods like this
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