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    Default Mokai

    Will have Mokai at the boat show for those of you that would like to see one, ask questions or sit in one.
    Contact me with questions, or to order one before the Spring rush.

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    Default When is the boat show?

    When is the boat show? Thanks.

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    Default Dates not set yet?

    Quote Originally Posted by ucohokie View Post
    When is the boat show? Thanks.

    I think this is the link to the show, but I don't think the dates are set yet. Last year it was in early February.

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    Boats show is on till the 27 January, come kick boats.

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    Will you be at the Sportsman's Show?

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    Default Sportsman Show

    I will be at the Sportsman Show this year to answer any questions.

    At this time I only have 7 boats available from the first order.

    I can also take names for Demo rides when the waters get soft.

    If there is interest I would be willing to give a days free use of a Mokai to the Alaska Outdoors Forum as a drawing for the 29. PM me if you would like to do this.



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