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Thread: Playing by the rulez...

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    Default Playing by the rulez...

    Playing by the rulez...
    Well in this case, it's not playing, it's serious business.

    OK, maybe I'm a cry baby. There I said it before someone else does! :-)

    As a boat builder, I must and do adhere to the rules & regulations US Coast Guard and the US EPA.

    That said, I look with amazement at some builders who; 1) Could care less about the regs; 2) Are just plain ignorant of the regs.

    Would you as boat buyers purchase a craft that you know doesn't doesn't come close to meeting the coast guard or EPA regulations?

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    As a mechanic, I'll add that most boat repair shops and mechanics are not familiar with the American Yacht and Boat Council regulations regarding fuel systems and electrical. I see too much incorrect wiring practices and subpar componets and parts being used on new installations and in repair. Very few marine techs bother to get certified. Certification may not make then a better mechanic than the next guy, but at least it tells me they spent the time to read the rules. The ABYC has a list of all master certified Techs on their website and I only see one person in Alaska and he is in Juneau. If I didn't have the skills to do my own boat repair, I would much rather trust the safety of my family while on the water to a certified Tech who took the time and effort to pass the tests.

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    I am not an expert on boat repairs or boat construction but I do all my own repairs and am comfortable with that. I am not sure if they are up to code or not and don't care about that. If I was paying someone my hard earned money yes I would rather pay the guy certified than the guy not certified.

    As far as building boats go I have read through some of the Coast Guard regulations and do not understand the theory behind some of them.

    Why are smaller boats required to have flotation under the floors but larger boats do not?

    Why do they have to have railing along the gunnels or a certain height gunnel?

    Why not set a standard for hull support? I see plenty of manufacturers that skimp in this area. Or so it seems when you compare X brand to A brand. Maybe some manufacturers go way overboard in this department?


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