Well guys I have been kicken butt all week. The two person fleet has groom 432 miles this week!!! Temps are are little chilly, but not bad, down to -10 last night , but up to 9 today. Got 3" of new snow on Sunday night and the grooming is coming out great! Fast and hard!! All trails that we can legaly groom have been done this week. But not Old Hunters trail because the AMMC mess it up Big time Sat. before last! Stumps showing everywhere!!! There races really tear up the trails. And Nancy Lake Rec. Area is still closed. By the way I quess I am the only one getting all the killer powder in the Big Swamp , there is hardly any tracks but my friends and mine out there!!! And Ebbtide came out and help me groom the Big Swamp Trail today and had a great time and got to learned a bunch of new trails to just some of the best riding around!!
Well we are getting ready for the the Willow State Winter Carnival next weekend and the weekend after. Lots going on!!! First weeekend is dogs stuff and human powered stuff and second weekend is all the snowmachine stuff!!!
Get your self a place to stay as things are filling up!

By the way the Willow Trail Comm. needs your help!
I will be doing a new post on how you can help make and keep the trails in Willow some of the best in the state!!!