Bought a used 1998 Bearcat 550 Widetrack and was trouble shooting why the coolant high temperature light didn't work when tested. found that the hood wiring harness was missing the red/white striped wire for the high temp light. Part number marked on the hood harness checks out in parts book as original, and factory service manual wiring diagram shows no wire for the high temp light in the hood harness. I ran a new wire from the main harness to the high temp light and it now works fine when tested.

Anyone with a 1998 Bearcat 550 WT, who hasn't seen their coolant high temp light work, should check the hood harness to see if 5 wires or 6 wires including a red/white striped one. You can test the light by grounding the temperature sensor lead and then start up. With all the hard work Bearcats do, I would hate to see one melt down because the high temp light was not wired in at the factory.