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Thread: Need help growing artichokes in Alaska

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    Default Need help growing artichokes in Alaska

    Has anyone had luck growing artichokes from seed in Alaska? I used 5 seed packets last year, started all those seeds in the house, and only a few plants grew before they all died in May.

    Aslo, any tips on growing artichokes? I purchased a large number of artichoke sets from the store for the past two years and only had minimal success at growing them. The first year the plants grew really tall and produced a few artichokes. That year was really cold and rainy (Juneau). However last year was very warm and dry but the plants remained knee high and only one small artichoke was produced out of 10 plants.

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    Uh, Willow?


    I am also trying artichokes. Plus another plant called Cardoon. Cardoons are supposed to be similar to artichokes except you eat the stems.

    Sorry, no advice here. But we can compare notes . I am starting my artichokes/cardoons next month along with some tomatoes.

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