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Thread: Lowrance or Humminbird SideImaging users?

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    Default Lowrance or Humminbird SideImaging users?

    Anyone use or try those side imaging sonars? Lowrance has the structure scan, and Humminbird Side Imaging. I have heard that they are really for shallow waters like 60' and less and that in the salt maybe not usable... but what about for river fishing?

    Anyone seen one in person or use one?


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    A fellow a couple boats down on my float in Homer got the Hummingbird with side scan this past summer. Though I never saw it work, he said it was pretty awesome. If I remember right, he got it late in the season and said he had to play with it some more to get it dialed in the way he wanted it, but from the small amount of time he had in it, it was the ticket. He's a charter operator (Mark on a 34' Baja King Cat, the "Kingfisher", some of you may know him). I have a lot of respect for his knowledge.

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    Humminbird has both side imaging and down scan, the lowrance unit will run you an extra 600 dollars to add the structurescan. The Humminbird unit is just an upgrade from standard side imaging (free). Side imaging works real well in shallower water, under 80' but much more useful in the 10-40' range. It will work well in all water, stained or not.

    The Humminbird is a much better unit for the money and is more reliable as well.


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