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Thread: Kings on the Andreafsky River

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    Default Kings on the Andreafsky River

    Has anyone fly fished the East fork of the Andreafsky river?

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    I stopped in and camped one night last year in early August on my way between Mountain Village and Unalakleet. The weather was down, and I decided to stay and fish and continue in the morning. I was after the end of the salmon spawn, sandbars were covered with carcuseses. I do not believe the carcucuses I saw were kings, there were tons of chum carcucusses. I caught a few grayling and some char on the flyrod (all I fish) using a white flesh fly. Place was thick with Brown Bears, which is what I see every time I fly the river in the summer. I am not sure that kings spawn in the Andrefsky. My guess would be no, most run much farther up the Yukon, but I could be wrong on that one.

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    The carcasses you saw, flyboy, were pinks most likely. The Andreafsky is the only river in the whole Yukon drainage to have a pink run.
    Kings do spawn in the Andreafsky, but I believe the better fishing for them would be closer to the mouth.
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