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Thread: 93 polaris 300 4x4 service manual?~

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    Default 93 polaris 300 4x4 service manual?~

    Someone gave me a pretty decent running 4 wheeler. It does need some tlc and I'd like to go through it before summer hits. No major issues, mostly age and wear stuff. I'd like to buy a factory service manual, not the haynes if possible, anyone know where to find one?

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    I don't think po-po made a 300 in that year??? I had a 96 300 which is the 2cycle and was a real runner. Common problems are the pot metal "cams" that you use to adjust the chain tension. The bearings go in them and then they get hot and split the cams. There are I think 2 or three of them one on each chain. Polaris also had issues sealing their PVT transmission so water crossings can be a pain. The other issue we had w/ ours was the push button 4wheel drive. The wire to the mag lock hub is fairly vulnerable in those years and can easily be broken if you are crashing through brush. this will quickly put you in 3 wheel drive. has the factory manual but it is over 100 bucks!! We maintained ours using one of the diy manuals and never had any problem figuring out how to do the job. I had a lot of good times w/ that wheeler but honestly don't miss it since it was so maintenance intensive. That said for the price you have in it you can't complain!! It will get you out and about but learning how to work on it is a MUST!

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    thanks for the info. I know my old man has a 94, the guy that gave me this one said 93....obviously I cant find it lol...dont even know what model it is. ugg!

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    well found the model number, looked it up and sure enough it's a 94.

    We ran her today to the gas station and back, what a fun trip that was...doesnt want to stay running. Adjusted the air fuel screw on the carb this evening no luck. She just doesnt want to start or stay running, cold or warm. Gotta feelin they were jamming the thing into gear also, not good, lots of metal in the brand new gear oil!

    Has some other issues...gotta a feeling I'll be doing a complete over haul to some degree on it. Rip the hole thing apart and go through everything, yay! Better then breaking down in the middle of no wheres!

    Thanks for the link I may buy it if the haynes stinks!


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