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Thread: Need some Pike!!

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    Smile Need some Pike!!

    I am new to the area, but being from northern Wisconsin, I am an avid pike fisherman. I have been reading that Sand lake may be a hot spot for the pike. I also read that the Nancy Lake area is a good one too.

    I have a healthy supply of large lures I normally used for muskellunge fishing back in Wisco... ie. bucktails, mud puppies, I'd like to use them and land some monster pike. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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    I believe that Sand Lake got killed off. Cheney too. Stocked with some fine sardine sized fish for your fishing pleasure.

    The nearest place with big pike that I have personally seen is Nancy.

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    Yep there is no more pike in anchorage to my knowledge.
    Lots of Lakes in the Willow Area now have pike. Most of the lakes in Nancy lake park have them as well as rainbow lake, Long Lake. Most of the drainages along the big Su have them I believe. Good luck if you go. I hope you keep every one that you catch. Those things need to be eradicated from willow.

    I think the really good Pike fishing is up north (interior) where they have a sustainable balance with nature.

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    Default Ah, a cheesehead!

    My family originates from the Milwaukee area and we used to have a cabin in Minocqua.
    Ok, not too many things beat pike fillets (you being a WI guy, I'm assuming you know how to fillet those to get the "Y" bones out?).
    If you're reading & researching, Alexander Lake stands out pretty well for pike, although it generally requires a fly-out trip. I've been there 3 times and had a blast every time and came out loaded with pike fillets. My usual fishing partner is not into them like me due to the slime & filleting scenario, so I haven't gone for 2 years now.
    I may be going out there this summer, too early to tell.

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    All the road accessible pike fishing around here is dead. There are fish to be found but only a handful of places truely have anything of size. Get out and away and you'll find some nice fish but for the most part it's purty slim pickins...
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    Redshirt lake and Flathorn Lake are the closest places with good pike fishing. They are a long ski or a short snowmobile ride away from the road though. Although there has been an ice road out to flathorn in the past I think
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