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Thread: Anybody need to hire a guide or assistant?

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    Default Anybody need to hire a guide or assistant?

    I will likely have this summer off and would like to put some of my personal fishing experience to work as a fish guide/assistant. I have just started looking into the possibilities and thought this forum would be a good place to start "fishing" for possible leads. I can row a boat just fine, and have fished salmon in rivers and in the salt. Halibut as well. Lots of time chasing trout on Susitna area streams and on the Kenai. I have a jet boat and am good with an outboard. Would be willing to work out of the Anchorage/Kenai area or in a more remote camp. I am good with people and have had several jobs in customer service type situations. Really, I'm a great guy if I do say so myself.

    Please P.M. if you have any suggestions or are interested.


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    Start emailing resumes to lodges, if you are willing to work long hard hours, be isolated for months and keep your mouth shut no matter how stupid your boss is you'll do well.

    Good luck
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    Default looking for work?

    jobs are @the bottom of the page.


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