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Thread: 375 H&H brass

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    Default 375 H&H brass

    only 2 brands in stock at midway. Norma and Remington. Norma is super expensive, but ive never heard bad things about it. how about remington? any other brands in stock that you can suggest over the remington? figured this brass would be more available than what im finding.

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    I used Norma in the past for all of my handloads and was extremely impressed with the quality. I have some Remington, Federal, and Winchester now. It's good, but not on the same level as Norma. The consistency with Norma brass is much better.
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    I've got a couple of hundred Norma in .375 H&H that have been in use for 25 + years now and have something like 12 reloads on them with several annealing and trimming. I have not found any I think need to be tossed yet. Some of the newer in the last few years Winchester brass is just garbage right out of the bag with high rejection rate of as many as four to the bag of fifty. The Remington I have not bought as they in the past have been vary heavy for that chamber with some poor primer pockets.

    RWS are without a doubt the finest you can buy, but if you think the Norma are high priced you had better get ready for a real shock with RWS, that is when you can find them.
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