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Thread: Lacoruna 98 mauser

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    Default Lacoruna 98 mauser

    We still have a lot of winter left so I have been looking for a clean 98 mauser in 8X57 to sporterize. I am familiar with the Bruno's, Argentine's, Yugo's and many of the the others but am ignorant in regards to the Lacoruna 98.

    I was doing some browsing on gunbroker this afternoon and I happened on a Lacoruna that looked real clean. It was advertised as having no rust or pits on the metal, the bore is clean and sharp and it has all matching numbers. The time remaining on the auction was real short so I didn't have time to borry your knowledge afore hand so I just went with the starting bid. A few minutes later I owned it for 199.99.

    I know I kind of rolled the dice a little on this one so what can you tell me about the Lacoruna's? This one was manufactured in 1948 and says Fabrica de Armas on the receiver ring.

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    I bought a couple La Coruna actions one time from some Shotgun news flyer. They were good copies of FN sporter 98 actions, no stripper guide or thumb notch, nice bolt handle and drilled and tapped. They both came together as nice rifles after a little polishing of contact surfaces to smooth them up.

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    Default La Coruna 98s

    The La Cournas are Spanish made post war 98 actions and a bit crude compared to the rest of the pre war and WWII lot. KMart sold a lot of them back in the 60's for $19.95 when nice german and VZ-24s were going for $29.95 and $39.95 elsewhere Ye Old Hunter sold them as Iberian mausers to disguise their Spanish origin.

    I wouldn't put much money in one myself. When we were working with them the metal had soft and hard spots and the machining was generally rough. They were functional and don't recall any problems with them however.

    My advice for what it is worth is to sell it and start with a better action.
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    Default Well

    I bought one of them in Arizona oh about 4 1/2 yrs ago for 199 bucks nice gun, sporter stock on it nothing fancy in a 8x57. So it take my new prize to Oregon on the families annual trip to Oregon to visit relatives. Well my dad tells me hey look at this barrel someone gave me, so we head over to our friends place who is a gunsmith he looks at it the gun we drug the barrel along it is a 30 cal barrel. So we yanked the barrel and he threaded and chambered the barrel my dad had for a 30-338. Well next day go over and we go to put the barreled action in the stock well the forend of the stock has warped and thier was no fixing it...


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