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Thread: Looking to try some 2010's. Where?

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    Default Looking to try some 2010's. Where?

    Ill be buying a new bow here real soon, and I really want to try the maxxis 35, the destroyer 350, and the mathews monster 7.0. Those are definately on the top of my list to try at least. I dont really know where to find any of these. Does bill at backcountry have any 2010's in? Does screamin eagle have any 2010 hoyts or mathews yet? Im down in soldotna, but a drive up north may be in order this weekend if anyone has these bows.

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    Give them a call and ask, Screamin Eagle Archery @ (907) 376-2699 and Backcountry Archery @ (907) 562-3936.

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    Yep, Screamin Eagle has some 2010's. Monster, Reezen fo sho. Sweet shooters.
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    Bearpaw is also in Wasilla. He just got the new shop opened up after the first of the year. He should have some Hoyts.

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    My 2 cents... I didn't care for the Mathews Z7 or the Monster. Just didn't feel right when I held/shot them. The Bowtech Destroyer is wicked fast and nice. My favorite was the Maxxis just because it was comfortable, smooth as any bow ever ought to be, silent, and shock free. I am seriously thinking of getting one... if my wife will let me.


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