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Thread: Copper stove pipe

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    Default Copper stove pipe

    Can one use copper pipe for a stove pipe??????

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    Thumbs down NO!!

    Sure. But only if you want to burn the cabin down. It won't take the heat and retain it's structural integrity. Use steel, and not galvanized, only black.

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    How hot are your stoves burning? Try and put a torch to some copper.

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    Question Why would you want to

    It is more about it's structural integrity when it gets hot. It will not support it's own weight so it will collapse. Also if you do get a chimney fire it will not withstand it. Besides that, wouldn't it be expensive. If you want the look, you might be able to rig up something with the steel on the inside and copper on the outside. I would talk to a professional first though.
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    Default Do you have a stove in service now?

    check out the temp on the pipe ?
    How long is the pipe going to be ?
    If it is strictly for looks , use the steel , then put the copper over the face, but you will be sacrificing some heat that way .
    My own stoves have always been enginered to have horazontal pipe in the circut , It causes the heat to be dissapated more from the stove.
    600 at the stove 300, 1 foot up the pipe 200 at 2 feet at 4 feet you can put your hand on it. If you run the pipe strait up , a great deal of the heat will be lost up the pipe and temps will be much higher. Figure that every spring it must be removed and cleaned any way, But our wood consumption was significantly less than our neighbors, with the same size house.
    There are hi temprature paints for stoves , I wonder if a matallic is available ?
    The thought of copper on the first section is apealing though brass would be stronger and deliver the heat well. either one are going to discolor with heat , but the charictor of discoloration would give a certain homey touch. Now you got me thinking .


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