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    Just wanted to see if anyone has heard of or had experience with Arctic Armor. I found it at It looks like some pretty amazing clothing, but have never seen it up close. They have some news clips on their site of people going into freezing water and floating. They say it is good down to -12 or below depending on how many layers. Anyway, just wanted to see if anybody has some or has seen it.

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    according to a google search there are multiple forums that have tested these out,, I have yet to read a truly disapproving review of them. , but i haven't tried them... they seem to get relatively good reviews, ( I searched for forums that did not have IDI as a sponsor)

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    I own a pair of there bibs. There great. If you order them they run small so get the next size larger then you think you need. Lots of pockets padded knees and butt, but not bulky like ice armour.


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