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Thread: Shooting moose-hunting film

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    Default Shooting moose-hunting film

    Hi there!

    I am planning to shoot a moose-hunting film in 2007 or 2008 in Alaska or Canada. My question is: what is the best way to do this?

    Since I come from Norway, Europe I am not familiar with the wilderness in Alaska or Canada and therefore need a guide to "show me around". That being said, I come from a country with moose, wolfes, bears, polar bears, caribou etc. and I am used to filming and living outdoors, both in the summer and winter-time.

    I come from Norway, where I have produces two documentaries about grouse-hunting with pointing dogs, wich is very popular in Norway. More info about these two movies and movetrailers can be found here:

    As I see it, the best way to produce such a movie, would be to co-operate with a hunting-company and tag along with their guides and customers, but I don't know if this is possible. The second best thing would be to follow a hunter wich is familiar with the canadian/Alaskan wilderness and who is a good moose-hunter. The third option is to bring norwegian hunters to Canada/Alaska and hunt for ourselfes.

    Any advise on how to shoot such a fiilm, who to contact and where to go would be much appreciated.

    Best regards
    Alexander Kristiansen
    webHunt Media Productions

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    I think the best way would be to get an agreement with one guide/outfitter, and film the hunts of his clients. Of course the clients have to give permission as well.

    The Lancaster families have a few hunting territories and they put together their own videos, partnered with All Horn Video Productions.

    You can see a list of g/o's for B.C. at

    Best of luck.
    It's the journey, not the destination.

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    Default some info

    Just some info on your 3rd option of bringing hunters,non-resident aliens(non-U.S. citizens)hunting any big game must be accompanied in the field by an Alaskan-licensed guide.good luck with your filming


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