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Thread: paxton side snow

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    Post paxton side snow

    2010 is it?

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    Default Actually its pronounced Paxssssson

    I just talked to John, a man from PaxSON (no T). He said they just received a fresh 8 “ the last few days. If you are planning to ride to Maclaren call them first or the PaxSON (no T) lodge. They are both good people. ENJOY!!!!

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    Default Snow update 21 Jan from Maclaren

    Hello again from the Maclaren Valley,

    Well we have good news to report at last. Since the last Newsletter we have gotten a good foot and half of snow. This gives us enough snow to make riding good on and around the Denali Hwy.

    The Hwy to the west of Maclaren Lodge is in great shape, and with the exception of a couple of bare spots on the pavement the east side is in great shape as well. You can now get off the road and go around these spots on the pavement, so travel from Paxson to Maclaren Lodge is good.

    On the Denali Hwy there is a little drifting around 20 mile so watch out for that.

    All other trails will be put in by this weekend, so riding will be a blast as the snow is light and fluffy. Be prepared to be covered in powder.

    I think it’s safe to say that this time of year, most of the local business on the Hwy will have some vacancies, so get out and enjoy our most spectacular area.

    We look forward to seeing you again, and as always, “keep the white underneath, the blue overhead, and all the goodies in the middle”

    Alan Echols

    Denali Hwy Trail Club

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    Thumbs up Good report!

    I just like hereing reports from people that are out there living the trails as myself. I just hope I get time to go have fun around your area.
    Keep up the great info!!!
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