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    Default Readers Choice

    Bow hunting Has come out with their Readers Choice Awards ..

    In the Compound Bow section

    Mathews came away with top votes

    Hoyt was in the Sliver Section

    Bow tech was third

    Sights was a little shocking
    Bow sights Fixed

    Gold was Cobra WOW
    Sliver was Copper John SAY WHAT?
    bronze was spot hog Trophy Ridge and true glow

    Arrows Carbon

    Gold Gold tip

    Sliver Carbon Tech

    Bronze Bemen

    Rest Fall Away

    Gold Trophy Taker is number one again

    Sliver Trophy Ridge

    And Bronze is Naps..Hey I like nap,s

    Release Aids

    Sliver true Ball

    Bronze True Fire


    Simms S Coil Gold

    Sliver Doinker

    Bronze Fuse

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    Well I have one each of the top 3 bows.

    Mathews Ovation.

    Hoyt Ultratec

    Bowtech Constitution.

    Spot Hogg on 2 of them and just ordered a Toxonics K9 HD 5 Pin

    Shooting Gold Tip 5575's.

    Easton Axis ST 340

    And just ordered some Easton FMJ 400's.

    All topped with Slick Trick 100 grain Magnums

    Fletcher release.

    Wisker Biscuit.

    Simms S Coil.


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