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    Happy Holidays!! Looking into a new rifle, looking at stainless, composite stock and kind of interested in the 325 WSM. Checked out most of the Manufacturers web sites. Just hoping somebody has some input. Not to impressed with the Browning A bolt, heard the "New" Winchester is having QC problems. Am pretty interested in the Kimber, but here's the clincher, Left Handed. Do they produce the Montana in LH? Grew up shooting lever guns, Model 95's, Model 71's, have a couple old Remingtons in left hand, looking to retire them and take something new out, don't plan to "beat it up" just don't want to take the old standbys. thanks for any input you have. R.

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    I too suffer from a left handed affliction. I found two custom makers of interest. One is Waffenfabrik Hein at and the other is The Montana Rifleman at Guess the big question is how much you are willing to pay. I have carried a left hand A-Bolt Stainless Stalker in .338 wm for the last 16 years. It has performed well for me, considering I do my part. Browning did make a limited run of stainless barreled lever actions in .325 wsm this year. I actually had one on order this summer. Cancelled the order as I could not really see that the .325 wsm was any better than the .338 that I have. Hope this helps.


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