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    Do you guys recommend using bolts or rivets for attaching bellypan protectors to your machines? Using rivets might be a pain if I ever had to replace the steering or susupension components covered up by the bellypan.

    Thoughts or experiences with this? This is in regards to a 2007 Summit 600. Thanks.

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    In my opinion, if it's possible to use bolts, I would, just for future maintenance reasons. If your ever in the field and need to get behind the skid plate that's fastened with rivets, it will be tough at best.

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    depends on the rivets...most will drill out very easily....and for a skid on a snowmachine you don't need to use hard rivets..

    if the placement of the nuts are in a hard to reach area it would be quicker/easier to rivet and drill later than monkey with getting your wrench in a tough to reach area...

    besides, the steering components are accessible from the top too...
    pull my finger....

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    Agree with RickP, I used rivets to do both our machines thinking if I had to get to something under it I could just drill them out then re-rivet.

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    I agree with using rivets, but how many of us carry a drill when we ride. I have been SOL in the field because I had used rivets to mount my skid plate. I now use self tapping bolts that can be removed from the outside.

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    Thanks - I think I will use the rivets I purchased.

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    If you hit something hard enough screw up the steering linkage, you may not have to worry about the skid plate. It may already be broken, along with the tub. I've ridden my current sled 10 years with the skid plate held by rivets, and it's never been an issue.

    I suppose anything is possible.


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