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Thread: Nikon Monarch African scope problem

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    Thumbs down Nikon Monarch African scope problem

    My new scope in 1-4X20 on Warne QD rings presents a loss of accuracy problem because its large eyepiece diameter and field of view allows eye movement to alter the position of reticule in relation to target. Move my head/eye and the reticule is moving in relation to the target. Amount of movement on target might be as much as 12" at 100 yds., if I was really sloppy.

    Seems like you get this scope for its quick action with "both eyes" open, a good idea on DG. Of course, my Warne QD rings allow a more accurate scope to be used instead.

    I would appreciate any comment on my understanding of what's involved in mounting this "wide-field"-type of scope. As it is, I'll be looking to replace it even before taking it to the firing range. Shame on advertisers for not mentioning the problem.

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    Ever get this figured out? I am looking at one of these myself. Thanks.

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    I don't know about bookburns experience, but can tell you what he was experienced was a badly out of adjustment parallax. A warranty issue for sure, as he should have seen little or no movement of the reticule at 100 yds as it came from the factory. It shouldn't have anything to do with being a low power scope. My low power scope (a Leupold) works just fine at 100 yds


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