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    Hey Guys,

    I'm moving to the Fairbanks area in a few months. I will get there late spring early summer, but I'm trying to get an idea of what I need for the winter. I love to hunt, fish and trap, so I plan to have a hayday in Alaska. I'm curious what outer layer (bibs, pants, coats) you guys wear. I like Gore Tex and asume it would be great there but I don't know. I use Sitka gear right now and love it but I would have to get a better series for AK I'm sure. I prefer to layer with silk weights and poly pro then some kind of outer shell. Any recommendation are appriciated.

    Thanks Much

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    I use the lighter weight sitka gear for most of my fall hunting, though I am not abig fan of it. The Ascent weight is right for that season IMHO but I have found other brands that are more durable and less prone to mid season desintegration. A lot of it depends on you and how you hunt. I spend most of my time up high under a pack but for a wheeler based hunt most anything will work and year round I prefer a lighter shell w/ a base layer to suite the temp. Even the high end snomachine gear tends to be uninsulated and you just add merino wool, fleece or polypro underneath to reach your comfort level.

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    Layers, Layers, Layers... Think layers, it will cold in the mornings and and warm up quickly and the sun gets up. Plan on having rain, on each and every outing, so outstanding rain gear is a most. Helly Hansen Impertech makes good rain gear that many of us use. Good rain gear is the foundation to build on. Lots of merino wool and fleece and polypro. Cotton is not the best choice for off road use. You will find a quality set of chest waders will be very useful, I like chest waders with stocking feet and I use Korkers for wader shoes. The Korkers have soles that be changed out for different conditions. A quality set of hip boots will come in handy as well. You have found a great resource on this forum. Keep searching the past threads, look through the photo albums and pay attention to how the hunters are dressed. You can buy used gear here and at yard sales ect... WARNING hunting here can be addictive and cost you a small fortune.

    Good luck and hope to see ya soon.


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    I take it you are in the Army? If so you will be issued some of the best cold weather gear out there once you go through CIF. I have been using this for years now and have no complaints. I do buy my own balaclava and own midweight gloves but thats it. Save your money on winter gear and buy toys!

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