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    i picked up a boss seat for my 2000 zr 600. until this i have never taken a seat off of a sled. so i took the seat off and it was held on by the 2 bolts in the back compartment and nothing realy in the front, so i was told by the guys over at the arctic cat shop here in town that you have to cut the old seat and plastic off to fit the aftermarket boss seat. so my question is where do i cut the plastic? does the fuel tank stop in front of the seat? after i have the old seat and plastic removed what hols the fuel cell down??

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    I installed one of these seats on my (then), '99 XCR-800. Lightweight isn't it? Wasn't impressed with quality.

    If Cat is anything like Polaris, the seatbase and tank are molded UHMW, then tank being formed by squashing the hot plastic together where they want. You will cut off the rear portion of the base just behind the gas-tank. Better be careful...too close to the tank and you'll be buying another. Also, you have to secure the rear of the tank using rivets.
    This procedure won't take you long, dropping the rear suspension to have easy access to the tunnel takes longer. bet will be to call Boss and ask them to email you the instructions for your specific machine.
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