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Thread: Favorite ski for Pa18

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    Default Favorite ski for Pa18

    I have 31's and 3" gear currently. Looking at getting probably straight skis for my super cub. Wondering if any brand or size really stand out from the pack? Are some more condusive to extended plastic bottoms?

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    Default All are good

    The best time to put the extended bottoms on is when you need to replace it. Try the unextended for a season, unless you buy skiis knowing the bottoms will need to be replaced. Then you can see the difference between extended and stock. I know the Landis/Airglass and Atlee are doable. I assume the Federal are too. OR look at Landis' new retractable skiis. Also see what your mechanic can get for a field approval on the extension.

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    I like my Landis/Airglas 2500's....a lot!!

    The Atlee Board skis are good too but are harder to find in decent shape.

    Aero ski makes a really nice light ski, and are readily available used on the internet...


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