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Thread: Kevlar or 1000 D Cordura

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    Default Kevlar or 1000 D Cordura

    I own a Barney's Pinnacle in 1000D Cordura and no doubt it's bombproof, however, I'm getting a Pinnacle for my nephew for his birthday to use on our Brooks Range caribou hunt in August. Should I get him a 1000D like mine or a Kevlar pack? Why chose one over the other and which will be more durable over the life of the pack? Thanks.
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    Both will last a LONG time. The Kevlar has Kevlar cross weave, so it is ridiculously tear risistant. The cordura is more abrassion resistant, but that's a relative statement. Both are very tough. Neither are water proof. The only real difference is color and weight. Color practically speaking makes no real difference. You aren't stalking animals with the pack on your back. The other difference is weight. The kevlar is a much lighter fabric, so your pack weight is less. Especially with the pinnacle. I would go with the Kevlar myself. The Kevlar MAY also be available in a different color this year. I haven't heard the final say on that one, so we'll see.


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    Default Weight

    was the main reason I chose the kevlar bag. It weighs a lot less than the 1000d dry or wet.
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    My friend and I each picked up Pinnacle packs with the Kevlar fabric. Lighter weight was our reasoning.


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