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Thread: Need Advice on Mounting Superwinch

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    Default Need Advice on Mounting Superwinch

    I'm from Wisconsin. I bought a 1995 Polaris Sportsman 400 this fall. My son bought me a Superwinch 2000 for me for Christmas and I'd like to get it mounted. I have to admit I don't know squat about ATV's much less putting winches on them so I have some questions.

    I've been looking for a front mounting plate for my machine and have been seeing a lot of receiver hitch (rear) mounts. Are there pros and cons to either of them? I don't plan on burying my machine, will most likely be using the winch on deer and firewood.

    My machine is fluid-cooled and I've also heard that a front mount may impede the air flow. Is this a real problem or not?

    If anyone could point me to the best place to order whatever it is I need I'd really appreciate it.



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    Don't worry about the winch impeding airflow. Caking the radiator with mud (particularly if the mud as stringy organic material in it like grass) will cause far more problems.

    Most ATV winches are hard-mounted in the front. Setting a winch up so be portable between the front and rear of the machine is pretty challenging.
    - First of all, winches need lots of amps, meaning thick cables (so a dual-mount will require two sets--one running to the front, and the other to the rear).
    - Another challenge is finding mounting points strong enough for the winch. Is the rear trailer hitch really rated for 2000 lbs? To mount it in the front, the winch will have to be in front of the bumper, so that you can remove it. Can you find a front mounting point that is both strong enough to take the strain, without damaging the ATVs frame?

    In summary, you will find it much simpler to find the right non-moveable mount for your winch, which will likely mount it just behind the front bodywork.

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    Post go with the front mount..

    and do not use it like a tow rope/chain as the jerking will kill the drive gear in it...(went to lacross v-tec, and miss oct-fest...)


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