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Thread: Anyone have a non-working Polaris Gemini?

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    Angry Anyone have a non-working Polaris Gemini?

    I need the cowling for a '82 Polaris Gemini. Someone parked theirs behind me at the store and I backed over it in my truck. Luckily the drop hitch just smashed the cowling and pushed the whole machine backwards, if it wasn't on I would have ran over the whole thing. I shouldn't even bother trying to get one, it was dark when they parked it right behind me, and those things are so small, and black, but I want to make the effort at least. I've already tried Ebay and elsewhere on the internet with no luck, so if you have one out in the yard or somewhere, I am willing to pay for it. Thanks.

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    Unless it was a friend or realitive why bother wasn't your fault.


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