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    Default Mrc 1999

    Howdy folks,

    I have recently acquired a previiously unused MRC 1999 ss lh action with a .473 boltface. The current dilemma is to build a 30 06, 338-06 or 35 Whelen. At any rate, wondering if anyone would mind sharing their experiences with this action? I may just as likely build it in 30 06 and if I like it will build a companion in 375 H&H.



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    Default Build

    Why not build a 375 Hawk on the action you have. The Hawk is built on a improved 35 Whelen case and has a standard .473 bolt face. Low recoil and very good performance for an 06' sized case. Factory ammo is available, so is brass and dies, OR you can make your own from 35 Whelen brass.
    Also available in bigger and smaller Hawk calibers.
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    Default I like mine!

    I ended up with a standard, .473 bolt face long action, though mine is blued and right hand.
    I shipped it back up to the good folks in Kalispell, and had them barrel it up with a medium heavy, 26", 1-10 twist, with bead blast/blue finish. With bum feet and knees, the state has seen fit to let me hunt out of/on a vehicle, so length and weight weren't that much of a concern, considering that the ol' F-250 or the quad will haul it just fine to my overlook.
    I've just finished the inletting and preparing it for 'glass tonight, so I haven't shot it yet.
    I am satisfied with their work. Actually, more than satisfied. One thing I DID specify when they did mine was to 'blueprint' the action. Mine was in the white when I got it, and just a scoche rougher than I wanted. I didn't have the time nor equipment to do it myself, and had a few bucks sitting around, and specified that.
    I'm looking to pick up another, unless something else REALLY interesting comes by.
    The cartridges I considered on mine before settling on the '06 were .35 Whelen and .270 Winchester. I'd given fleeting thought to a .25-06, but there's trimmer, lighter actions around to build one of those on. The .280 Remington was a strong contender for a long time, but in the end, I settled on the '06, and I really doubt I'll be disappointed........


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