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Thread: Predator calling seminar

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    Default Predator calling seminar

    From the KSRM Radio web site:

    1/14/2010 | thursday the 14th at 630 pm
    Soldotna sports center
    This event is sponsered by the Kenai Peninsula Trappers Association. We will have Rick Kinmon as a guest speaker. It is open to the public and it is free.
    Contact: Mike Crawford
    Phone: 252-2919

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    That would definitely be worth going to. Too bad I'm in Fairbanks and it's today, or else I'd seriously think about going down just to meet Rick and hear what he has to say. Anybody in the area who predator hunts or thinks they want to should go listen, that man has killed more critters up here than anybody that I've ever heard of (called & killed) that is.

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    Default Did anybody go?

    I know this is an older post, but did anybody happen to go to Rick's seminar? Any information would be great to hear. Thanks.

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    Yes I went to it. It had some good info and I read his book. I had to laugh, the intro to the book talks about how humble and unassuming he is. The main theme of the book and his seminar is for him to tell you how great he is and how much he has done. That said, he has done alot and sounds like a pretty tough guy and has done what many of us wish we could or would do. I do envy his collectin of pelts ansd some of the adventures he has had. I did come away with some good info from it all, and it was interesting. If you get a chance to go to another one (if he does one) you should go.



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