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Thread: V-Hybred?

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    Question V-Hybred?

    Has anyone had time to use this powder yet? Hodgdon said its between H4350 & H4831 so I am interested.

    I will be loading the 270win and since in the past my un like verious 140gr ammo I think the 140 Accubond should do anything I want this 270win to do. I will most likely try 140gr partitions at some point too. Its barrel is 22" long.

    The 270win was once my only rifle capible of mid to longer range shooting and has work for deer, elk, and moose. Since I have gather up a 35 whelen and a 358win for the large game or just closer shooting in general.

    Even if you used it on another cartridge chime inthis is a new-er powder.

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    Hodgdon lists it's loads with a Swift 140gr at 50.0gr-54.2gr. Out of 15 powders they list your powder as 5th slowest and shows the second highest velocity.

    There are a few new powders in this burn range that are reaching pretty high speeds without increased peak pressure, give it a try and let us know how it works out.


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