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Thread: Ak47 build?

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    Default Ak47 build?

    I have a romy "g" that is all
    minus the barrel removal anyone have any experence or have the jigs to
    do a rivit / headspace check? Would love to do it myself with help.

    Or second choice would to find a qualified gunsmith to complete the build


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    I built a yugo underfolder a couple of years ago. I got most of my info off of some website/forum like this that I found. or something like that. youtube was a help too.

    I did all the demilling on my own. I think if I remember right I bought an automotive bearing puller from Napa to take the barrel off. I still have it. The barrel removal is the easy part. Getting it back in is the trick. I never headspaced mine with the guage. Figured that if I lined it back up right and the keeper pin fit in the same place then its good to go. And I was right or lucky. Either way my first firings were pretty nerve racking and I used a string and tiedowns to a tire to testfire.

    My experience is that its pretty frustrating to tool up, not to mention kinda pricey to build just one of these.

    Luckily there was a guy on the forum here (dont think he comes by anymore though) that had the jigs to help put my reciever together. Otherwise I dont know if I would have finished it. there is alot of tight spaces to reach without the proper jigs or bucking bars

    The gun turned out great though. Looked good, shot good.


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